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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Beatles, The Smurfs and New Crayons

My Food Diary
Boy oh boy, I've been busy.  I was so busy for the last few days I hardly had time to do anything, let alone write in my blog!  But I'm back, and still fighting the good fight!  :)   I've realized that by not being as strict on myself I cheat. A lot.  Just a tad here and there, but all those tads add up.  Probably to a ton extra calories a day.  So, I'm back to being very strict with myself.  I finally bought a notebook to use as my food diary.  It's so cute. It has the Beatles Yellow Submarine on it, which is one of my favorite songs/groups!  I haven't started writing in it yet today, but I've only eaten a bowl of cereal so far today, oh, and some raisins.  I do have a funny/proud moment to share with you guys today.  Did you all know that McDonald's is giving away Smurf toys with the Happy Meals?  I LOVE SMURFS!  It was my favorite show when I was a kid!  I decided that I wanted to collect as many Smurfs as I could.  So last Sunday we were coming home from my brothers house and I decided for lunch we would all get Happy Meals so I could have Smurfs.  I ordered 5 and sadly I got all the same one.  Bummer!  I traded them for different ones later though so it worked out.  After we made it home I sat down at the computer and was going to do some stuff, and all of a sudden I felt horribly sick to my stomach.  I was actually doubled over in agony.  My favorite fast-food had made me ill.  It was a sad realization for me.  Before I started the Food War, I had eaten it probably once a week, maybe more.  Now that I hadn't had in in over a month it made me sick.  It made me wonder what the food is really made of.  So, later
that day I realized that I had a couple of cousins that worked at McDonald's.  I texted one of em and she hooked me up with 8 of them.  And I didn't even have to buy the food!  Did you know that you can get just the toys without the food?  That made me excited.  So there's my Smurf collection.  I missed out on a Papa Smurf though.  So now I have all these Smurfs who have no leader( I hope they can behave themselves.).  :)
The walking has hit a stagnant phase already.  If y'all don't know, I have an etsy shop too.  I've had a few special orders to finish up this week, and since I work second shift I have to use my mornings to sew.  It's a toss up for me, because I love the walks, but I love making money too!  What's a girl to do?  It looks like rain today, both outside and on the radar, so I probably won't be walking today either.  Maybe a short one around the block.  I'll let you know.  The baby has figured out that he really really likes coloring.  He first discovered it outside with the chalk.  Then his sissy showed him how to use crayons. He loves them!  The regular size crayons kept breaking, so yesterday I got him some washable large crayons(washable because he has colored on the wall a few times.  On his daddy's watch of course!) and I figured the large ones would be easier for his chubby lil fingers to hold.  He was so excited when I showed him the box this morning.  So right now he is happily coloring while I blog.   See his face?  The owies on it?  That was caused by his loving sister when she ran out of the house and slammed into him with the screen door.  She was so excited to go to her friends house that she went flying out the door and boom...right into Max's head.  He screamed so much.  Hubby said he did an aerial 360! Wow that door must have hit him pretty hard. Poor Baby.  He's good now though.  He's tough.  My little handsome man is going to have some scars!  Oh well,
he is rough and tumble!  Well, if I'm ever gonna get all the stuff in that I need to do today I need to wrap this up.  My list is never ending and I swear the laundry procreates while it's in the basement! So this is enough for now.  Have a great day and eat healthy(er) y'all!!