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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is it time? How about now? Now?

It's the first day of school! Yay! Sometimes I think moms enjoy it better than kids.  The nice quietness of the house after the big kids leave.  The baby and I hanging out together, he's still the baby even though he's almost 2!  You should've seen how excited Reilly was to go back to school.  She got up at 7 on the dot, got dressed and ate breakfast all before 7:30.  Then she had to wait.  School doesn't start here until 8:45.  She was so excited she couldn't even sit still!  Here she is in the shirt I made for her.
Reilly in her handmade Reversible Tunic

I still remember my first day of fourth grade.  My mom has a picture of me getting on the school bus in a vintage dress!  I know, I wore vintage before it was cool!  Earlier that summer my other grandma (different from yesterday's post) had given me some vintage dresses she found in her basement.  They were very 40's play dresses and I loved them.  I would have lived in them if my mom had let me.  I always loved the fist day of school.  The new school supplies, backpack and lunchbox.  We got a new one every year.  My kids got expensive, nice backpacks the year Reilly started kindergarten, and will have to use them until they fall apart.  This is the first year for lunchboxes though!  Ever since my daughter has started school she has gotten free lunches.  So now that I finally finished school and have a real job, we do not get that anymore, and she has to take a cold lunch.  I'm kinda happy about that because it fits into my new healthy eating lifestyle.  The school lunches she gets are not known for their nutritional value.  So she got a lunchbox that is yellow and has a monkey on it and we've mapped out the gist of what she wants for lunch.  Believe it or not she cannot stand PB&J! It's almost sacreligious!  She has decided however that she wants some cheese and fruit and carrots with ranch!  I'm so proud of her for making those good food choices.  I'm going to put a thick slice of homemade bread in there for her too!  She will be the healthiest eating kid at her school.  This means that some of this new lifestyle is getting through to her.  I just hope we can keep it up for the rest of the year.  On a very different note, I was at work yesterday and surprise!, someone has brought in doughnuts.  I did so well with them all night, I would look at the box, then away, then go find something to do...yada yada yada.  Until 10 pm...I couldn't resist any longer...I ate the jelly out of a jelly doughnut.  Sucked is more like it!  Slurp slurp!  I felt very guilty afterward, but the temptation was so strong.  Oh well...I will be better today.  Hopefully the doughnuts will be gone and I won't be tempted by them.    Here's another cute shot of her pushing the stroller to school with her baby brother
in it.  I secretly think she will miss him while she is gone.  I know he will miss her.  They only have school for an hour today, and they just walked in the door...so, time to ask them about their day and hear all about what friends are in their classes and who's not.   Kids are so funny!  I know she's sad though because her best friend has moved away.  Her name was on the board outside the classroom, but she is going to a different school.  I told Ry she would still see her, because I have her mom's phone number and they can text!  She's happy about that.  Her little friend Sara is in her class, so that makes it a tad better.  Happy back to school to you all, and let's have a healthier, happier year!