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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Under Pressure

...Pressure pushing down on me, Pressing down on you no man ask for, Under pressure...Hey friends...so sorry it's been three days since I last posted anything.  Ever since I was sick, I'm finding it harder and harder to eat healthier.  I am at my brothers house today for my nephew's birthday party, and I actually ate so much I felt sick.  So of course I immediately stopped eating and went for a walk.  It wasn't a very far walk, but at least it was a walk.  I felt a little better, and even now as I type this I still feel very full.  That's definitely a problem for me.  I've been doing so well, but obviously when I get around my family I have to be more vigilant about eating better.  Granted it wasn't unhealthy stuff I was eating, it was just so good I ate too much of it.  For breakfast today I had 2(or3) banana/strawberry pancakes, for lunch I had some homemade bread and a banana, and for dinner I ate a cheeseburger w/o bun, some cheesy potatoes and broccoli slaw.  These are some of my favorite things to eat.  I felt really guilty for cheating.  So as of tomorrow the count-up begins again.  I was almost to a month of healthy eating.  I've also decided to keep a food diary.  It will be a good was to keep track of what I'm eating.  You'd be surprised at how much food you actually eat when you see it all down there on paper.  Last Tuesday I went to my doctor to have blood work and stuff done, and my blood pressure was high(normal is around 120/80, I was 145/85.  For the diabetic they want the top number under 130.), it had been high at a few previous appointments, so she put me on blood pressure meds.  Yikes!  Up until I gained all this weight and had a baby my BP was perfectly normal.  Did you know that gaining weight can cause high BP?  And that having it can put you at risk for all kinds of other problems in your body?  High BP causes much more than just heart problems.  It can cause arteriosclerosis, which is the hardening of your arteries.  Which causes them to become more narrow and move less blood.  You can also get an aneurysm, coronary artery disease, enlarged left heart,  stroke, dementia, kidney failure, kidney scarring, kidney artery aneurysm, eye blood vessel damage, fluid build-up under the retina, eye nerve damage, and it can even cause sexual dysfunction. I didn't even know it could cause
Fancy AM/PM Pill Box
all of that stuff to happen!  This Mayo clinic website can tell you in more detail about all those things I just listed.  It's pretty scary when you think about it.  I already have eye problems from the diabetes, so now to find out that high BP can cause more is crazy to me.  I do know one very important thing about having high BP...it causes headaches.  Since Max was born I've had the most terrible headaches and I wake up with them, and go to sleep with them and they stink.  I really hope the meds work because I'm very sick of these headaches. What I really hope is that once I lose more weight my BP will go back to normal so I can stop taking it.  I swear that I'm starting to feel like my mom, with all the meds I have to take.  I think I need to get one of those pill boxes, with the slots for am and pm. On that note, I must say goodnight, and thanks for reading! oxox